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Chinas Development and Transformation to Global Super Power

Well-developed introduction explaining the research topic and comparative cases, the topic’s significance, and briefly referencing some of the main points and findings offered in the paper.
Main points – Chinas history, mention the turning point from a really bad economy to a growing one, mention Chinas middle class which continues to grow, mention the AIIB as a key component to their growth, include some paragraphs regarding Chinas growing middle class and the effect it is having to the countries economy and society(if any), include Chinas transformation as a new global superpower and the influence it now has compared to before because of their economic growth. Mention how other countries have attempted similar things to achieve economic success. Use this as one of your sources – Barry Naughton’s “The Chinese Economy: Transitions and Growth,”. Some source; include four of these along with the one I already indicated. (Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, International Organization, Asian Affairs, Asian Survey, Comparative Political Studies). 5 academic sources, besides the one I gave you and 5 of the rest can be credible articles. Adding up to 10 sources.
The body of the research paper should consist of each of the following:
An overview of the research topic – including relevant history, existing research on the topic, and any debates.
Discussion of comparative cases (in other states etc.) and why they are comparable as well as why they might not be comparable;
Discussion of your research findings
A concise concluding paragraph that briefly restates both the purpose of the research paper as well as some of your central findings. Be sure the concluding paragraph does not introduce new information; (Reiterate how China has managed to change things around; from a bad economy to a booming one, from a unexciting middle class to a growing middle class. End the essay giving projections of where China will be in the next 5 years.)

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