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characteristics of the planets

characteristics of the planets
research the current marketing plan for a product or service on the assignment list. Based on your research, you will report on the current strategic marketing plan for that product/service. The plan must be written sequentially, or the marketing mix elements will not make sense. Special attention must be given to the marketing objectives and target market analysis.

This part of the Marketing Plan Assignment focuses on what the company is/has been doing. At this point, your group has already chosen a company from the list to research and develop a marketing plan. You should be able to find information from business media, such as The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Fortune, Advertising Age, or Forbes. Other information may be obtained from the company’s website and from the business section of daily newspapers. I expect a minimum of three current articles (2009 – present), not including the company’s website, as background for your paper. I do not require a formal works sited page, but give enough information so I can find the article. Include the links so I can go directly to them. Also, cite the source within the text (in the paragraph).
Times New Roman 12pt. font, 1″ top & bottom margins and 1″ left & right margins, single spaced line spacing (no formatted spacing before or after), do not hit “enter” more than twice between sections. I suggest starting by cutting and pasting this outline into a Word document and fill in the information from there. The outline format with the headings and questions are to be included. To earn the most credit possible on this assignment, strictly follow the layout below. I have uploaded a Word document of this assignment in Doc Sharing for your convenience.

I. Situation Analysis
a. Internal Environment
i. What is the company’s mission and overall business objectives?

ii. What resources does the company have that make them unique?

iii. How is the marketing function organized?

b. External Environment
i. What is the overall domestic and global market for the product? What is the approximate market share (not cost/price of shares)?

ii. Who are the competitors? What are their marketing strategies?

iii. How does the economic environment affect demand for the product?

iv. What is happening in the social and cultural environment that affects the product?

v. What is happening in the legal and regulatory environment?

vi. How does the technological environment affect the business?


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