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CHAPTERS “1 And 2″ out of Short Guide to writing about history 7th edition by Marius and Page.

CHAPTERS “1 And 2″ out of Short Guide to writing about history 7th edition by Marius and Page.

Chapter Analysis – for each chapter in A Short Guide to Writing About History write two or three paragraphs Have an overview of the chapter and the author’s thesis for that chapter, cover each of the main points of that chapter and explain how the author made that point. Argue whether that information is useful to historians and whether the author used his evidence effectively. Use the critical thinking skills from the website. Use specific examples from the book throughout but use your own words at all times.

skills on how to analyze are on this website (Critical Thinking Website Analysis – Go to www.criticalthinking.org/pages/college-and-university-students/799 and read explore the whole website.)

Heres some of the questions the instructor provides to aid in analyzing
Analysis Questions:

1.    What does the document mean?

2.    How well-situated was the author to observe or record the events in question?

3.    When, how, and to who was the report made?

4.    Is there bias?

5.    What specialized information is needed to interpret the source?

6.    Do the reported actions seem probable?

7.    Is there corroborating testimony?

8.    What is the author’s purpose in presenting the material?

9.    How does the author try to convince the reader that his argument is valid?

10. How effective is the author at convincing the reader that his argument is valid?


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