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Case study for chopawmsic creek

I need a scientific paper for the chopawasmic creek. It needs the A survey was recently completed on the Chopawamsic Creek, and the data are provided as part of this assignment. Included is a map of the area and a photo of the sampling team in the creek. This photo shows the depth of the creek and how the macroinvertebrate community was sampled. For other parameters, consider using a multi-parameter meter and/or laboratory plate counts. Use the course textbook to identify suitable methods for each parameter, considering the field photo provided (e.g., this is a small, shallow, wadeable creek) and the raw data given. Be sure you include pollution tolerance/sensitivity information and an biotic index calculation for the macroinvertebrate data. Files are attached to the Assignment to help you work through the data given.

For the Case Study 2 assignment you are to write a scientific report based on the survey results of Chopawamsic Creek. Address the following: physical characteristics (temperature, turbidity), chemical characteristics (dissolved oxygen [DO], pH), and biological characteristics (fecal coliform bacteria, pollution tolerance/sensitivity classes of macroinvertebrates, assessment of water quality using a biotic index for the macroinvertebrate data). In the discussion section, identify normal ranges or expected conditions for each parameter, separately. Then, draw an overall conclusion regarding the condition of the creek. Note if you observe any water quality problems evidenced in the data. Cite all sources used in APA style. You may look into state or federal standards to help make the case in determining water quality.

Grading will focus on the student\’s analysis, reasoning, and depth of understanding of the issues. Format this paper as a scientific investigation. The paper should include the following sections – clearly mark them with section headers in APA format:
Introduction – describe the study area and the point of the study; why is water quality being tested; where are the sites; what does the reader need to know about this watershed?
Methods – this section should be reproducible by another scientist in the same field of study – identify field, laboratory, and analytical methods for all parameters – identify the source used to assign pollution tolerance/sensitivity class and the equation used to calculate the biotic index.
Results – results are free of interpretation – include narrative to introduce any tables or figures included in the report – use APA format in the design of the tables and figures to include proper captions – do not paste in raw data – format data as a table, figure, or narrative text.
Discussion – put your results in context – e.g., does each parameter fit in normal ranges – cite sources when presenting normal ranges or expected conditions for each parameter – then, draw an overall conclusion regarding the water quality of the creek.
Management Recommendation – based on the discussion including the overall findings of water quality per site, what is the next step in management?
References – include a reference list in APA style – cite a minimum of three scientific sources – if you do not cite a source in the text, delete it from the reference list – follow APA style for both in-text citations and the reference list
Use 12 pt. Times New Roman font. Keep the water quality reports to no more than five (5) pages of double spaced text, excluding maps, tables/figures, and references. This will require clear and concise writing. Provide

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