Business Ethics and Governance course

you must read the article E-2.1 ?Is Obamacare a Disaster for the Economy in the attachment.
Then you have to write a reaction paper simply requires you to read the assigned the article in the attachments and reflect upon the arguments made and communicate your personal position on the issue.

You should write 3 paragrpgh

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Business Ethics and Governance course
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1) brief summary of the two authors. Very very brief.

, 2) state your position on the issue and make a case for that position. This point should be the most in the paper. this point is very important and spend a lot of time on it .

3) make a compelling conclusion to drive home your point. This point should be short as you can which is summary of your position.

Your position should be based upon the ideas of the authors and additional sources you may bring to the argument. The reaction paper should be lease than one page and half , so you can make it one page and a little.

You have to write 2 different reaction paper that means for 2 students and it should be your work, orginal

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