Bridge of Spies movie

watch the movie Bridge of spies then answer these questions and make sure you answer it in order number.
1-What sort of intelligence did the Soviets and Americans hope to obtain about the other during the Cold War?

2-Who was Rudolph Abel, and why was he significant?

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Bridge of Spies movie
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3-How did the FBI collect intelligence on the Soviet spy?

4-How did the U.S. government try to persuade the Soviet spy to give them information?

5-Who was Gary Powers, and why was he significant?

6-?This war does not involve arms. It involves __________________.?

7-What was the Article? What did it do?

8-What cover did the U.S. government use for the spy plane that was shot down in the Soviet Union?

9-Why did Mr. Donovan?s contact in East Germany say: ?We need to have the conversation that our governments can?t.?

10-What do you think is more important: civil liberties or homeland security interests? Explain your answer.

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