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Recent Posts

Treating Animals Humanely

ASSIGNMENT 3: STANCE ESSAY Due Week 10 and worth 230 points Congratulations! You made it to your final assignment, and you have learned so much along the way. • In the personal essay, you learned how to write with a strong personal voice. • In the informative essay, you learned […]

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Opposing that Social Welfare programs cause dependency on the system

Write an essay, using facts and references that Social Welfare programs DO NOT cause dependency on the system – I am in a debate for school and have to argue this.

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Research paper

For the final literary analysis and research paper, you will choose one text from any module in the course to analyze in detail. You will develop a clear thesis or main argument concerning a key theme, question, or interpretive challenge posed by the text in question. In order to develop […]

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Video Game

ASSIGNMENT – Write a paper on one or two (maximum) game(s) listed in the course outline.. – As this is a research paper, you will have to include secondary sources such as books, game reviews, journal articles, etc. All Instructions and guidelines in the pdf. One/Two Game(s) to choose from: […]

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Ingredients for pasta business product concept

The product should not be real, and should be imaginative as we creating a new one. Market: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Please write about a service, which provides the product in a box to make the ingredients for pasta, so it can be easily made. Required headings: Market Summary Market Segments […]

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What is the most important theme of The Odyssey?

Use the following outlink to guide your essay: * Introduction Paragraph Hook: Something interesting to get your audience’s attention Background: What are you reading and writing about? Thesis: Answer the topic question (Question 3 in the previous assignment) * Body Paragraphs 2-3 Give two examples (1 per paragraph) of when […]

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Lack of motivation in workplace

Identify the problem:  In this section, you will give a background about the organization including its purpose, its culture, and the environment. Then, you will explain the problem by giving specific behavioral examples, including poor employee attitudes and any negative outcomes you can identify as a result (e.g. employees less […]

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a musician trying to pursue his passion for music

Your assignment is to write an original narrative from real or imagined experiences or events. Your story must include a variety of narrative techniques—such as foreshadowing, point of view, figurative language, imagery, symbolism, and/or irony—as well as effective details and a well-structured sequence of events. Your story needs to be […]

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The problem about the speed and car accident from ages 18 to 25 in KSA

Discussion 2- Obstacles 3- Conclusion 4- References

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The Effect of Dust Accumulation on Solar Panels and Mechanism for improve panel Efficiency: Design for Street Lighting Purpose

Mechanical Design The Cleaning system will design based on the following design requirements. •    Total cleaning system needed to be modular and compact (The mechanism of a car wiper system spraying water before wiping). •    It needed to be attached to the panel so that it could clean the panel […]

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