Assignment Brief

Assignment Brief
Programme Title BA(Hons) Hospitality Business Management
BSc(Hons) International Tourism Management
BA(Hons) Hospitality Tourism Management
Module Title Strategic Tourism and Hospitality Management Module Code 873Assignment Title McDonalds Group cw1Level 6Weighting 40Lecturers Garrett Edwards Jane Simpson Rob SwinnockW/C Hand Out Date 29/09/2015Due Date By 16:00 on 03/11/2015FT
By 19:00 on Click here to enter a date or enter text. PTFeedback Post Date 17/11/2015Assignment Format Poster Presentation Assignment Length 6 A4 maximumSubmission Format Other – See Remit for special instructions
Assignment Remit
Working in pre-appointed groups, you are required to determine the present strategic position a given company, making selected use of strategic models to enable analysis, (This analysis will later be used to guide your selection of future strategy.)
Your analysis should focus on the firm’s internal and external environment, and include the firm’s present competitive position, available resources, capabilities and core competences. This will entail the identification of the opportunities, and existing or anticipated threats, together with an evaluation of firm’s significant strengths and weaknesses.
a) A copy of the information/analysis selected for exhibition by the group should be available for the assessors to retain following the exhibition. This should consist of no more than six (A4 only) documents which together create a coherent analysis. Consideration should be given to the layout which should comprise a clear appealing and informative visual presentation.

b) All members of the group are expected to contribute equally to an informed discussion with the assessors, and should be able to speak on all elements included of the analysis. For guidance on group work see this excellent guide http://www.learnhigher.ac.uk/groupwork/

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Assignment Brief
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c) Models that have been selected by the group and used to generate your analysis should also be accessible during the exhibition. (If the assessors require this.) These are not likely to comprise part of the exhibit.

d) You are required to keep an individual log. This log should critically reflect upon the process of generating the analysis together with actions you may have taken to co-ordinate the group activities and/or any problem resolution. Whilst not forming part of the exhibit it should be accessible to the assessors for review on the day.
The Exhibition
Each group will be allocated one hour during which time their analysis will be available for the assessors to scrutinise. During this hour all the group members must be available to explain and justify the analysis; this may begin with a summary, but will then be followed up with questions, discussion and challenges between the assessors and the group. All group members will be required to contribute these discussions to ascertain individual levels of understanding.

The exhibition should operate as if you were an external management consultant or an internal management team. It is expected that all groups will take a professional approach to their communication and presentation dressing as if in the ‘boardroom’ gives added authenticity. All students must ensure that their student ID is visible to the assessors during the exhibition.

Module Learning Outcomes:

Module Learning Outcomes covered in this assessment:
i. Demonstrate a critical application of different models of, and approaches to, strategic management, and interpret these as bases of strategic choice.
ii. Analyse a hospitality/tourism organisation’s competitive environment including competitive positions and core competences.
iii. Establish evaluation processes of strategic decisions.
iv. Effectively communicate the strategic analysis of an organisation.

Grading Criteria (Edit in criteria to be used)
UCB’s Generic Grading Criteria for HE work at Level 6 apply to this assignment:

Please note that this assignment represents your own individual efforts/contribution (for approved team assessments). UCB policy in case of plagiarism will apply:
Extenuating Circumstances

Cut-off date for late work:

Late work submitted after the Hand In Date risks being capped at 40% (UG)/ 50% (PG) unless Extenuating Circumstances are submitted and are accepted. The final cut-off date for this assignment, with or without extenuating circumstances, is 10 working days from the original deadline. The last point that extenuating circumstances can be submitted for this assignment is 10 working days from the original deadline. For special queries contact Registry on extenuating@ucb.ac.uk.

ATS Submission (For hard-copy only):
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