In the attached essay Isaac Asimov tries to answer the question “How Do People Get New Ideas?”. For your final you will be asked to answer the same question making 5 points that seem to you to address this issue. They may be similar to Asimov’s points or they may be different or even conflicting. They should certainly be riddled with content from the class this semester, but they should not just be a regurgitation of material in the lectures or in the readings. Each of the five points should be written on a single sheet of paperand should reflect your own thinking about the material in the class this semester.

For each point you should follow a clear outline that covers (a) a key concept that seems germane to you (b) how that concept can be applied to creative thought (c) at least one example of evidence in other people’s lives/work that support your ideas—like Asimov’s reference to Darwin (d) how YOU could use this notion to make yourself a better creative problem solver. It may well be a good idea to note each of these elements a, b, c, d in your one-page description of each of your points.

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In the end, the question is “How Do YOU Get New Ideas?”.


Think a lot. Write a little.

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