Assignment 4

Assignment 4
Problem and Purpose Statement

Your paper should include your name and course title and should adhere to APA style. It should also be written in 12-font and double-spaced (see chapters in Creswell & Plano Clark, [2011] on Choosing a Mixed Method Design and Introducing a Mixed Methods Study).

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Assignment 4
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Your paper should include the following elements:

The Research Problem – This is an area of conflict, concern, or controversy (a gap between what is wanted and what is observed). Include the most relevant reference that supports the claim (1-2 paragraphs).

Deficiencies in the Evidence – Include a brief discussion that details the area of need in relation to the problem and the deficiency or lack of evidence in the literature (1-2 paragraphs).

Purpose Statement – Include a purpose statement that contains both quantitative and qualitative elements (i.e., a mixed methods purpose statement). The purpose statement should include (a) the overall content aim, (b) the type of mixed method design, (c) the forms of data collection that will be used (very general), (d) the data collection site(s), and (e) the reason for collecting both forms of data. Lastly, briefly describe why the type of mixed method design indicated is most appropriate to address the research problem.

Use the design-specific “fill-in-the-blank” purpose statements which are presented in the chapter Introducing a Mixed Methods Study (Creswell & Plano Clark, 2011).

Your report will be graded using the following rating scale:

Characteristics Assessed
Good    Fair    Poor    Inadequate

1.    Research Problem    4    3    1    0
2.    Deficiencies in Evidence    4    3    1    0
3.    Description of Design    4    3    1    0
4.    Purpose Statement    4    3    1    0
5.    APA style and format    4    3    1    0

Total Points Earned: ____ / 20 Points Possible

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