Citing the texts directly, develop an overarching statement on the course theme of identity as represented by three course texts.
Assignment #3 is a “Survey of a Debate.”  The aim of Assignment #3 is to demonstrate significant, in-depth knowledge of the course theme.  The assignment builds on earlier skills, requiring you to consider academic arguments within the context of several other academic arguments.  As in Assignment #2, your task is not to decide which argument is “best” or to state which text is most convincing.  Instead, Assignment #3 challenges students to develop a thesis that is not simply their personal opinion on an issue.  Rather, the paper must forward an important insight on the theme of identity in light of the course readings, one grounded in academic texts and demonstrating some breadth of knowledge.

To complete this assignment, you will again need to discern the relationship between texts, this time considering multiple texts simultaneously.  Assignment #3 will require several steps to devise the thesis: you will need to decide which course texts to discuss; you will have to consider how the arguments are interrelated; you will have to devise a statement about identity that takes into account all three selected texts; you will need to select citations from each text that can support the thesis.
As with Assignment #2, your objective is not to offer your personal position on the theme of identity, but to present the state of the debate as you understand it as the result of critical analysis and thoughtful rethinking of texts.  Your thesis therefore will not be a statement on your ideas, but a statement on what the texts say about the issue; for example, “Texts A, B and C demonstrate the deep divide in the ways we think about identity” or “Texts A and B point to X about identity, while Text C suggests X is not accepted by everyone.”
In order to complete Assignment #3, you must do the following:
Develop and present clearly an important idea, insight, or issue about the course theme;
Cite directly relevant textual material from multiple course texts to support the thesis;
Explain how the textual material supports the thesis;
Explain the relationship between the course texts;
Meet the conventions of academic discourse;
Length: 6-7 pages

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