Explore the UN’s webpage, UN in Action by visiting http://www.unmultimedia.org/tv/unia/ or CLICK HERE. This webpage features short videos, reporting on the work of the United Nations and its agencies around the world. Watch two to three videos (or more, if you find yourself intrigued). Choose a video on a humanitarian effort that you are interested in. Write a 4-5 minute speech on what efforts need to be in place to solve a problem, pretending that your audience is the United Nations. For example, if you are passionate about feeding homeless or volunteering at an animal shelter you can speak on how you would help solve the problem. Somewhere in your speech, refer to the video you watched on the UN in Action webpage, discussing why you found it to be inspiring/interesting. Then, using the speech you wrote, record yourself giving the speech and upload it to YouTube. Make sure you list the YouTube video as “unlisted”, so that only those with the link to your video are able to view it. Input the link in a MS Word document, and upload it as your assignment submission on GAP.


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