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please check the link there are few info about the concert: a record of the concert is attached It is the student’s responsibility to locate and attend these required activities. In order to get full credit for these assignments, you must stay for the entire concert, and provide a meaningful analysis of the concert based on music principles covered in class. 50% of the report content is factual reportage, and 50% is application to class material. Please refer to the information and grading matrix at the end of the Introductory Pages of the required text. Note that papers should be at least 500 words long to receive full credit. No font size smaller than 10 points or larger than 14 points. Double-spaced. What are your opinions of this performance and most importantly – why? Was this performance what you expected? How would you describe the artistic and technical qualities of the music and performers? What ideas or experiences can you relate to that were encountered in a work performed for this concert? Comment on ideas you think the composer may be trying to convey through piece.


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