Hi Great-Deal,

I worked with you on a previous paper this morning. I don’t need you to edit or rewrite it. But, since my teacher extended the deadline for tomorrow, can you please help me do the “Your Experiences” part of the paper as well as the “Conclusion” part that you can see from the rubric below. I like the way you wrote my paper for the WEIRD samples and since you already worked on this and know what it is mostly on, I would like and greatly appreciate it, if you can finish the last page of the paper for me.  I was going to do the “Your Experiences” part as it does have to go based on my experience. But, since my writing doesn’t sound or have the same diction as yours can you just write 1 more page for me addressing the 2 things i included above. So, for “Your Experiences” part can you just write how I had a larger mother involvement as an infant, than I did of a father involvement. So, what I mean by this is that my father wasn’t really involved in my life as an infant and growing up, but it was my mother who cared for me the most and used the proximal parenting style to raise me and also shaped me into who I am today as I’m closer and feel more comfortable speaking to my mom about things than I do with my dad. So, can you just write 1/2 a page elaborating on this for the experience part as well as addressing the prompt description from the rubric. Lastly, can you also do 1/2 page for the conclusion following the rubric requirements for this part too.

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P.S. I don’t think you will need the article again, but I just included it below just in case you do. And I also provided the paper you wrote earlier below, which is titled “Term Paper,” so you can just add the “Your Experiences” part and “Conclusion” below, after the last example (Example # 4) you provided. Thanks in advance.c

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