This essay can be written in two separate parts.  Devote about a page to each.

Part 1
Suppose you are a politician running for office against an incumbent.  The election is local, state or congressional but not presidential.
Economic conditions are similar to what they were in 2013 in the US***.  The economy is recovering very slowly from a deep recession which happened years ago.  The unemployment rate is 7%, (a bit higher than the natural rate) but labor force participation is somewhat below average.  Suppose the incumbent will be viewed as responsible for the economy’s performance (good or bad).

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*** Please note that this does not mean that you must be writing this speech in 2013; you can choose any year/place to do this.  I mention this only to give you context.  You can read more about economic conditions in this year and use them as a template.

Write a short speech or press release explaining to voters about the unemployment rate, how it is calculated, etc.  Represent the information honestly, but you can be selective about what you explain.    Discuss policies that you will seek to implement if you are elected that will address problems with unemployment.

Part 2
Now suppose you won the election so you will be held responsible for the economy’s performance.  During the 6th month of your term employment increases by 300,000 jobs, (a very strong number) but the unemployment rate jumps from 5.7% to 5.9%.  How would you explain what happened to the unemployment rate to voters?  Write a short speech.

Extra credit:  If you wish, you can attach a prologue with the following details.

If you wish to enrich your essay further, make up a more detailed scenario and explain it to me before starting on parts 1 and 2.  You can assume a position you are running for (governor, congress, etc.) as well as characteristics about your district/state/constituents.  For instance, if you are running to represent a congressional district with a large population of young people, your speech might address appeal to high unemployment among the young, student debt, housing prices, etc.  If you are running in a district with older people/ baby boomers closer to retirement, the tone would be different.  Think about the information you would wish to convey, and the tone you would use to speak to these voters.  Follow through on this in parts 1 and 2.

Consider using your home town/county/state as a model.  You may need to do a bit of research into the demographics/ economic conditions of this place.  If you are from a country other than the US, you can run for election there; be sure to explain to me the role for which you are running.

You don’t need to write in your own voice.  You can invent a persona for yourself if you wish or assume of an existing politician (as long as they didn’t run for president in 2016).  You can run under a particular political party or not.  Similarly, you can assume a party for your opponent or not.  (You could even be running against a primary opponent, in which you are of the same party.)  The goal is not to be political, but assume political parties if it adds realism.


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