You may write about a woman in the country of your choosing.
Below is a guideline of the topics you should address in your paper.
Your paper should consist of  5-7 well written, unplagarized pages.
Not including your reference sheet and your cover page.
I am going to run your papers in turn it in if they are plagiarized I will give you a zero.
You must use at least 5-9 references

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I am here to help so ask questions if you need to ask them.

Describe the Country’s Political System.
Briefly discuss whether the country is considered democratic, in transition to democracy, or authoritarian.  Your paper should also include descriptions of the system of government (presidential like the United States or parliamentary like Britain); the electoral system (proportional representation like in Sweden, Argentina, and the Netherlands, majority-plurality like in the US, Canada, and Britain, or mixed systems like in Germany, Poland, and New Zealand ); the political party system (two-party like in the US and the UK or multi-party like in Canada and most of continental Europe); the structure of the state (federal like the US and Switzerland or unitary like France and Norway); the structure of the legislature (bicameral like in the US or unicameral like in the Scandinavian countries)

1)  Describe Women’s Status in the  Country  (economically & politically)
This should include indicators and analysis of women’s well-being in terms of life expectancy, literacy rates, education, participation in the labor force, earned income, employment in agriculture, industry, and service sectors, and political representation.

2) Describe When and How Women won SUFFRAGE
Was there a strong women’s suffrage movement? Who were the supporters and the opponents of women’s right to vote? What other historical developments surrounded the expansion of the suffrage? (decolonization, political regime change, modernization?) How was the women’s right to vote introduced? (Constitutional amendment, electoral law change, referendum?)

3)  Describe What Women’s Interest Groups are Active in a Country and on What Issue.
The focus of this question is on civil society and the lobbying efforts for women’s rights in the country of your choice. Once you have identified some women’s interest groups in the country and their key activities, structure your discussion around the issues they prioritize in their mission. The possible issues can vary greatly from country to country ranging from family and labor issues to domestic violence and sexual abuse to trafficking and women in armed conflict zones to women’s legal status to health issues to basic emancipation and the challenge of cultural stereotypes.

5)  Describe Specific Substantive Public Policy Dealing with Women’s Issues
Here, you have a great choice of policy issues. Examples include public policies on: reproductive rights; women’s health issues; child care and maternity leave; women in the job market (issues of underpay; the glass ceiling); education opportunities for women; domestic violence; sexual harassment; in some countries, property rights, legal aspects of divorce, eligibility for the judicial system and the armed forces..

6) Describe How the Political Parties in the Country Deal with Women and Women’s Issues
Here, you could address whether any political parties have implemented special measures to promote women within their party structures and as their candidates for public office; if women’s parties exist; which political parties tend to be more supportive of women’s rights and more willing to promote the women’s agenda; whether women’s groups have been formed within the individual political parties; what difference, if any, have women in political parties made in terms of policy platforms.

7) Describe the Impact Women in Positions of Formal Leadership Have Had in the Country
Given that examples are available in the country of your choice, discuss how women in highly visible public offices (presidents, prime-ministers, ministers, leaders of major political parties, speakers of legislative bodies) have or have not contributed to the improvement of women’s political and social status. What policy initiatives have they undertaken? Have they publicly promoted a women’s agenda?

8) Describe How Cultural Traditions and Stereotypes Have Affected the Status of Women in the Country
For example the strength of beliefs in the traditional role of women as mothers and housewives in any country.

9) Describe Women as Voters in the Country
What is the level of women’s political participation in terms of voter turnout? Is there any evidence of a gender gap in political knowledge with women less informed and less interested in politics than men? Are women as voters consistently more supportive of some political parties to the detriment of others? On what issues does male and female public opinion tend to differ?

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