Please upload a Personal Essay using 11 point font or greater with 1-inch margins. The Personal Essay is a double-spaced, 2-page essay explaining your purpose in undertaking graduate study in your particular program.

This is your opportunity to introduce yourself and to inform the Admissions Committee about your goals, interests, and career plans as they relate to your intended academic pursuits. Be sure to include your name on each page of the statement.

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My name is sahar sherzada I have a bachelors in childhood education and a masters in early childhood education and special education. I have worked as a teacher for 6 years now and I love teaching I want to get into the speech language therapy program because I want to help students further more. I have a mom with speech difficulties and a aunt with through cancer and this is what motivated me to go and pursue this degree. I want to work as speech language pathologist once I finish this degree.

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