Article review and reflection

EDSE 657 Early Literacy 1 Pre-K Literacy Websites Critique/Review Paper: -Students are to write a review of one Pre-K Literacy Website Your review should contain the following. a) full name of the website and link address. b) an overview/ general des?r?ption of the website, is the site linked to any organizations? Which?, 5% c) Detail and describe how does one navigates through the website and is it a chore to do it. 10% d) Describe and be very detailed as to what different types of Literacy information and activities (eg. Articles, links, games, videos, Read aloud, etc.) are contained on the site (for example the site has articles about… showing……it also has videos on this and that, it has the following things for Pre-K children.) What areas of Literacy does it work with fluency, letter recognition, phonemes, etc. Describe what activities are done in a few areas of the website. 50% e) Describe and explain what are the good things about the websites and what things you did not like about the websites. Detail your reasons. 15% f) Explain why you think this is a good website for Pre-K Literacy and how might it be best used and by who. Describe how you would use these websites in your class be specific. 15% g) Describe what you would change to make this a more user friendly website. (no site is perfect! ) be critical…. 5% h) add in anything else that you want to add. *please make sure to choose a website that i will be able to have access to.

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Article review and reflection
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