argumentative research essay

Write an argumentative research essay based on the course theme of “Food, Health, Community, and Connection in the 21st Century.” Take a debatable position on an important, controversial issue about food in our society. Your essay must be argumentative; it cannot be merely informative. In other words, argue for a specific solution (or a few solutions) to the issue you are writing about. This is not a personal essay, so the use of personal examples and personal pronouns, like all forms of “I” and “you,” will not be accepted. Instead, back up the points you make using six sources you find in the college library’s databases. Use two quotations from each source.

This essay requires supporting the points you make in your essay by using two quotations from each of the six sources you find in the college library’s databases as evidence. Each quotation must follow the formula we have worked on in class and for homework. This means that for each quotation you use in Essay 3, write the three sentences necessary for successfully integrating a quotation into your work:

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argumentative research essay
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a sentence introducing the source of a quotation
a sentence using a quotation with a signal phrase and a citation
a sentence explaining what the quotation means and how it relates to your ideas

No general internet sources will be accepted. A Works Cited page, with an entry for each source, must be included at the end of your essay. All information from sources must be cited to avoid plagiarism.
My topic is child hunger in the US, i will provide the sources each page Must contain 2 quotes

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