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Argument Essay on Elder Abuse and Neglect

• Use your outline (and feedback) to begin drafting your argument paper.
• Your paper must be at least 8-10 pages in addition to the cover and references page.
• Additionally, you must include at least 8 in text citations and references.
• Please reach out to me with questions.

Title again (centered) not bold
Indent your introduction and subsequent paragraphs under the required headings. (Keep the headings, they will be in bold lettering). Begin your introduction by including a way to “hook” your reader/intended audience. (NOTE: one way to do this, is to provide a relevant quote. Use the quote as a way to “jump into” the conversation. Explain what you think the quote means and how it is relevant. Connect the quote to claim you are making in your thesis statement). Next, provide a definition. Finally, at the end of the paragraph you will include a strong thesis statement. Your thesis statement should have three things: It should strongly state your claim; it should provide tension (from the opposition); and, it should preview the supporting points that will be provided in the proof section of your paper.
Thesis Statement
Although the opposition will argue that ________________________; in contrast, the failure to _______________________________will result in ______________________ as illustrated by ________________________________ (include your x, y, z supporting points/these will correspond to your “proof” section).

In this paragraph you will provide some background information that will be important for the reader to understand the argument. Frame the argument in the respective context (historically, politically, culturally, and philosophically). Include things like a brief history as it specifically relates to the content in your paper. Show how this issue has evolved over a specific timeline of events and/or movements.
Supporting Points/Proofs
This should be one of the largest sections of your paper. You must make sure to include at least 2-3 supporting points (proofs) to back up your claim/thesis. Make sure to support each of your statements to avoid circular types of fallacies. Use examples as support. Use evidence as support. Provide correct and effective in-text citations from your research sources. Keep citations from secondary sources brief. Paraphrase and synthesize where possible. Frame each citation with an introduction, explanation, and contextualization.
You should have at least one or more separate paragraphs for each different supporting point (you can add additional headings under this section to make it more organized). Additionally, make sure to have a strong topic sentence for each paragraph. Try to make each topic sentence (and the other items in your paragraphs) parallel in content, structure, and form. Make sure to have a strong concluding sentence that reminds your reader how you have proven your main point and how point connects to your thesis statement. Make strategical choices about the logical ordering of your proofs. For example, save the best/strongest point for last! Anticipate the claims by the opposition, and use evidence to strengthen your argument.
Essentially, you should have at least three paragraphs for each refutation that you are providing.
Refutation 1:
Paragraph 1: Explicitly state the opposing claim and relate what explicit evidence or appeals they use as support.
Paragraph 2: Rebuttal the claim made by the opposition by trying to show how it is flawed e.g. mention a type of fallacy that is present.
Paragraph 3: Remind your reader how your answer/claim is superior by going deeper to provide some cause/effect relationships and/or to consider some possible solutions or outcomes.
Revisit your “hook” (quote) on a deeper level. Weave in “keywords” from your thesis statement. Summarize your main points. Consider some outcomes if your reader fails to accept your claim or consider other future outcomes.

Put your references here in APA format. See the cheat sheet for help.
You will need to effectively incorporate at least 8 or more research sources with corresponding short/relevant/thoughtful in-text citations

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