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Application: Information Architecture Case Study

Application: Information Architecture Case Study
This week, you have examined the importance of user-centered design in developing information architecture for public health information technology projects. Now, you will assess a case study that describes the development of information architecture.
In your written assessment, describe the case study, and then consider the following points:
•Did management, IT staff, and users all have an appropriate level of input into the design?
•How were users included? What specific techniques were used to elicit user knowledge?
•Was the project successful? What were the strengths and weaknesses of the architecture?
•Why was the development of the information architecture critical to the success of the project? How could it have failed?
Develop each of your answers into 1- to 2-double-spaced well-written pages. You can use one of the following resources to find a case study:

1. The Information Architecture Institute Library

2. The Object Management Group (OMG) Success Stories


Or, you can use one of the following articles from the Walden Library database:

•Byrne, E., & Sahay, S. (2007). Participatory design for social development: A South African case study on community-based health information systems. Information Technology for Development, 13(1), 71-94. Retrieved from the Walden Library Business Source Premier database. (AN 23625729)
•Jacucci, E., Shaw, V., & Braa, J. (2006). Standardization of health information systems in South Africa: The challenge of local sustainability. Information Technology for Development, 12(3), 225-239. Retrieved from the Walden Library Business Source Premier database. (AN 21749475)
•Le Rouge, C., & Niedeman, F. (2006). Information systems and health care XI: Public health knowledge management architecture design: A case study. Communications of AIS, 18, 2-54. Retrieved from the Walden Library Business Source Premier database. (AN 22451637


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