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Anthropology paper on kashmir, india

Length:  paper should be about 3 pages double-spaced, using Times 12-point or equivalent font with 1” margins. 

The goal in this assignment is not to summarize the readings—rather, reflect on them and critically analyse. The essay should substantially address and cite ideas/material from the given readinsgs. You will need to organize your thoughts into a coherent essay with an introductory paragraph that lays out your  THESIS and main ideas that support it.

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Anthropology paper on kashmir, india
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Here are possible prompts-

–how do these readings relate to each other?  To other readings we have had so far?

–what sources are the authors using to make their arguments?  Could these sources be used in other ways?

–what larger theoretical point do you see emerging from these readings, beyond their specifics?

–what questions do the readings/discussion leave you with?

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