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annexation of the Philippines in 1899

Find TWO primary sources about the annexation of the Philippines in 1899. One source should be a substantial written source, and the other a visual image (political cartoon, drawing, etc.). Discuss and analyze the sources. Also explain if they support or weaken Kristin Hoganson\’s interpretation of Philippine annexation (\”Male Degeneracy and the Allure of the Philippines.\”)

REMEMBER: A primary source is from the time period we\’re studying. So the two sources you find must be from the late 1890s, or the early 1900s. They\’ll appear similar to the primary sources included in Ch. 4 of Hollitz.

NOTE: In your bibliography, include a web link to each of the two primary sources you found and analyzed in your paper. (I\’ll need links to look at your sources!)

REMINDER: Your two primary sources must be original; they cannot appear in either Hollitz or Kennedy / Bailey.


Length: Four pages. Anything under three full pages or over five full pages of text will not be graded. The title page and bibliography do not count as part of the four pages of discussion. [In other words, your essay will consist of about 6 pages–a title page, four pages of discussion, and a bibliography.]
Format: Typed, double-spaced, twelve point font.
Thesis: Please underline your thesis.
Title Page: Have a title page for your essay in the standard Chicago style. Title page is not part of the page count.
Sources / bibliography:
Use and cite at least FIVE separate sources when writing your essay. TWO of your sources must be the primary sources you have found. Another TWO of your sources must be the secondary sources you\’ve read and viewed–Hoganson\’s essay and John Green\’s video on imperialism. The fifth and subsequent sources might come from Ch. 4 in Hollitz. Reliable outside sources are also acceptable.
Consult our Canvas page titled \”History Essay Outline\” to see how the essay should be structured.
Use direct quotes sparingly, but effectively, to make important points.
Use Chicago / Turabian style for citation.
Citing sources—Treat this like a research paper. You must have both notes and a bibliography in Chicago style. For assistance with this format, see the page in the Introductory Module titled \”Chicago, Chicago!\”.
Footnotes / Endnotes: Any time you quote or heavily paraphrase a source in your paper, you need a note. Notes can appear at bottoms of relevant essay pages (footnotes) or all together at the end of the essay (endnotes). Unlike MLA, Chicago style does not use in-text citations.
Bibliography: An alphabetized list of all sources used and consulted must appear on a separate, last page of your paper. Yes–every individual primary or secondary source must be listed individually in your bibliography

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