Analysis of A conversation with my father

The introductory paragraph is fully developed (100+ words), coherent and smoothly leads to a concise and focused thesis which is the last sentence of this paragraph. The introductory remarks or the thesis contains the subtopics to be covered.

The thesis is concise and presents a clear focus on the essay’s topic.

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Analysis of A conversation with my father
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Paper analyzes three literary terms present in the works

Paper is well-organized and follows thesis
Body paragraphs are unified, coherent and appropriately structured paragraphs containing restricted topic sentences, primary and secondary supports.

Body paragraphs include quotes and details – not to summarize the plot, but to support points about the work

These paragraphs are 200 – 250 words each.

Proper and varied syntax – no run-ons or fragments

Your essay contains correct grammar, punctuation, spelling and word choice.

You can use third person objective point of view. Avoid first person “I” and/or third person “we”/”us”/”our”.

This paragraph is appropriately structured and brings closure to the essay (50+ words). Conclusion leads to important commentary on topic.


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