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Advocacy & Nurse-Patient Ratio

Advocacy & Nurse-Patient Ratio

Project description
READ the following:
Abood, S. (2007). Influencing health care in the legislative arena. Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 12(1), 12 pp.
Article is available as FULLTEXT in CINAHL OR CLICK on the following link: Retrieved from


Aikan, L.H., Sloane, D.M., Cimiotti, J.P., Clarke, S.P., Flynn, L., Seago, J.A., Spetz, J., & Smith, H. (2010, April 9). Implications of the California nurse staffing

mandate for other states. Health Services Research. Retrieved from http://www.nursing.upenn.edu/chopr/Documents/Aiken.2010.CaliforniaStaffingRatios.pdf
WRITE a paper (5 pages) using the two (2) articles above (Abood and Aikan et al.) as references (see the Nursing Student Writing Guidelines Checklist for paper

requirements [25% of paper grade]) answering the following questions:
You have read the results of the research paper (Aikan et al.) on staffing ratios, and you decided that you want your state legislature to pass similar legislation on

mandated nurse-patient ratios.
Review the article by Abood (see above). Also recommended: Chapter 11: The nurse as advocate. In K.K. Blais & J.S. Hayes (2010). Professional nursing practice:

Concepts and perspectives (6th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.
Using the above two (2) article(s), develop your own plan for influencing votes of legislators on nurse-patient ratios. Title of paper: Mandating Nurse-Patient Ratios.

You MUST include the following:
FIRST PAGE ONLY–HEADING then BULLET POINTS. The first page must be a one (1) page legislator information sheet on nurse-patient ratios (see Aikan et al.) for a busy

legislator who will only have time to read bullet points:
Bullet points are brief, pertinent, accurate, research-based statements. Citations are required for each of the bullet points. Be convincing! No more than one (1)

HEADING IN PAPER: My Strategies To Influence Votes
What strategies would you use to influence votes (see Abood article) for passing legislation on nurse-patient ratios?
What strategies would you use at the local level?
What strategies would you use at the state level?
HEADING IN PAPER: Increasing My Power To Influence Votes
What specific strategies can you do professionally for yourself to increase your own influence (power)? Examples are increasing credentials, joining organizations,

networking with those who have power (Who?) What are other strategies?
In-text citations and a reference list MUST be found in your paper. See the Nursing Student Writing Guidelines Checklist for APA formatting. See end of Module for

common paper errors.
EVALUATION: Paper: Advocacy & Nurse-Patient Ratio (5 pages)
Critical Thinking Skills/Content Development/Organization/References (60%): Legislator Information Bullet Points; My Strategies To Influence Votes; Increasing My Power

To Influence Votes
Format/Computer Technology Skills (40%)


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