Addictions Counseling – Neuroscience / Brain Chemistry of Substance Use

Course End of Semester Self-reflection exercise –
Please write a few paragraphs addressing the following.

Answer all subparts of this question fully (Write as much as you would like, but no fewer than 500 words):

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Addictions Counseling – Neuroscience / Brain Chemistry of Substance Use
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Look back at your response to the Module 1 web post: What progress have you made toward achieving the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of this course? How did this course help you in that process? What will you do to continue your progress toward achieving those goals?
What did you get out of this course?
Did you notice any changes in your thinking on particular issues or topics as the semester progressed? If so, what were those issues, how did your thinking change, and what do you think prompted the changes?
Do you feel that you are more knowledgeable about substance use disorders now than you were at the beginning of this course? In what ways?
Do you feel that this course helped you to advance toward your career goals? If so, how?
Please share any other thoughts you would like to, about the course.
Note 1: Please view the attached rubric to see the criteria used to grade the discussion (select the star to the top right, and select “show rubric” from the dropdown list).

Note 2: Please make your initial web post in time to allow your classmates to also post their responses before the deadline (see rubric for specifics regarding optimal timing of web posts).



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