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About Us

When you consider using a professional for assistance with your assignment the ethical aspect of your actions is usually put to test.

However, in response to this, we believe that it completely depends on the company you choose to execute your task.

For us, your money is used to cater for legal academic assistance. You could think of it as hiring a tutor to help you with your writing. In the end, both parties benefit.

Why You Should Choose Us

Usually, we come to the rescue of students especially when they might be having a difficult time completing a certain task, be it an essay, a research paper, a book report or any other challenging tasks.

Our services will ensure that you get a better grade, and that you completely understand what the task required and to arrange your paper accordingly.

As a student, you are guaranteed of a well-organized plagiarism-free paper based on your instructions.

  • We champion for content originality

It is important that we emphasize on the point that the content provided by our writers is 100% original. It has also been written to meet your specific needs and any further requirements.

After receiving the paper, it will never be used by any other individual or submitted as an assignment. As a result, you can be assured that you are in safe hands while using our services.

Privacy is also another important element that we seek to uphold for all out clients. Your personal contact information is not shared with anyone else including your writer.

  • We’ve got your back during challenges

You may encounter various obstacles which can make it quite difficult for you to handle an assignment by yourself.

This could be sickness, family problems or any other legit reasons which could affect the overall quality of your assignment.

Consequently, you will need the help of a professional you can trust. FreelanceWritersPlanet is the professional help you require to help you accomplish your tasks effectively.

  • You need our services,you surely need us

Many things happen in college. However, the ultimate goal of all students is to pass with flying colors. We must all accept that successful completion of college education comes with a host of challenges.

An active student has a lot to deal with; club activities, outings, class assignments, just to mention a few. The situation is even worse for learning parents with kids.

When faced with the decision of spending quality time with family and friends or working on class assignments, any reasonable person will choose to build lasting relationship with friends and family. Unfortunately, that may jeopardize your college GPA.

  • A moment to get it right,you don’t have to fail

Most often students fail not because they are stupid or lazy but because they are overwhelmed and overloaded at school and home. College life should be fun and exciting.

Do not let assignments spoil it for you. If you give us the chance to help, we can walk the path together and ease the pressure letting you enjoy college life and quality time with your family and friends as it ought to be.

  • We have been around for a long time

Freelancewritersplanet.com have been helping college students since 2005. The quality of our work and level of secrecy are beyond reproach.

You will have a chance to meet competent writers in diverse fields and very flexible with deadlines (can deliver within 1 to 3 hours!).

Most importantly, our prices are the most competitive in the industry ($10-35 per page).

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These terms of use, as well as the documents referred to in them; indicate the terms on which you may make use of the site. Use of the site comprises placing an order on the site, browsing and accessing.

Please go through these terms carefully as they have crucial information regarding your rights and obligations while using the site. Your attention is drawn, specifically, to clause 8 (Use of the Site; Termination and Suspension of Use), clause 9 (Use of Products), clause 10 (Plagiarism) and clause 13 (Disclaimer of Liability).

It is recommended, for future reference, that you print these terms, or store them in your computer.

  • What you should know about our site and your use of the site

  1. We reserve the right to change the way the site works, to remove any features of the site and to alter the services periodically without giving notice to you.
  2. to use the site and order or purchase any product you must be legally capable of entering into a contract in the jurisdiction of your residence.
  • How to place or review an order;Registration

  1. You need to complete and submit our standard inline order form to place or preview an order for any of the services.
  2. The order specifies, amongst other things, the scope of work and other requirements regarding an original essay, paper, and/or other written product, which is to be drafted and delivered to you in accordance with your order.
  3. While placing an order for a specific product, you will be asked to register with the site by providing the following information on our standard online registration form:
  • Specific information concerning your requirements( the required type of service, the academic level, information on the type of paper needed, details of the subject/discipline, citation style and any other instructions); and
  • Personal information (e.g. your name, email address, county of residence, phone number and payment information).
  • With the exception of your email address which cannot be changed, should any of the information which you provide on registration change, it is your responsibility to update your profile accordingly. Please go to Edit Profile and make the necessary changes.

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