abnormal psychology

However, you can choose any topic relevant to you and this course. It could be a mental health condition, something we didn’t cover, or a treatment you are interested in.
The research paper is the last assignment in the course

It is worth 100 points  Due 12/06/17 at 11:59pm

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abnormal psychology
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Study Aims:

1) In depth learning of a topic of interest

2) Develop Library skills

3) Enhancing critical reading skills.  Learn how to read scientific literature

4) Work on scientific writing skills

5) Improve familiarity with APA style

Project Description:

This assignment is a semester long project.  You are to select a topic relevant to the course (you can select one from the list below) and interesting to you.  This is an opportunity to investigate a psychological/psychiatric problem you are curious about. Once you selected the topic, you are to access the library and research the topic.  Please use only peer reviewed articles, and reputable web sources (NIH, CDC) to learn about this topic.

Once you have your topic, find 3-5 peer reviewed articles on this topic and provide the following information in your paper:

Description of the problem/condition – what are the typical symptoms and the disability caused by them
The epidemiology of this condition: how gets it, how many, who’s at risk
What are the treatments for this condition (medication and psychotherapy)

Make sure that you support your claims and statements with frequent references from articles and web sites that you found.

Use APA style to reference, and create a reference list in the back of your paper in alphabetical order

Make sure your paper (without cover page and references) is 3-5 pages long, double spaced 12 font Times New Roman font


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