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A short analysis of a business case——the mcdonald’s ‘beef fries’

 You will be provided with a case to read and you should address the following issues concerning the case, composed in a word document. It is important to use specifics to support your answers.    (Above 600 words) 


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A short analysis of a business case——the mcdonald’s ‘beef fries’
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1. Identify key global (e.g., economic and cultural) factors that may impact business decisions. 

2. Analyze the impact of these key global economic and cultural factors on business decisions. As part of your analysis, consider stakeholders affected by the business decisions made.

3. Provide business recommendation(s) for the situation presented in the case scenario. As part of your best recommendation, develop and compare alternative solutions, considering the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.

4. Identify any ethical dilemmas presented in the case scenario. 

5. Apply ethical and societal concepts to propose and defend a responsible course(s) of action. 

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