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A brand needs to identify with a sports hero to succeed in athletics forward?

FCSC 2170
Position Paper Instructions
Review the lecture on written communication including writing a position paper. Write a 5-8 page position paper on any topic related to dress. The 5-8 pages does not include the title page or reference list. You will be responsible for researching your topic, writing a thesis statement, developing an argument and counter argument supported by previous research. Use at least 12 reputable sources (at least two books). Reputable sources include: Academic journal articles, non-fiction books, newspaper articles, reputable websites. Note: Wikipedia is NOT a reputable source. The paper should be typed using 12 pt. Times New Roman font and cited using APA format. The paper will consist of the following sections:
Title Page: This page should contain the title of the paper and your name
Introduction: Engage your reader’s interest in the problem or question that you are addressing. Show the reader what makes your topic significant. Give the background of the topic. State the problem you are addressing and include your thesis statement.
Counter Argument: Summarize existing research that is opposition to your position. Include at least three counter arguments citing your sources in-text. Provide multiple sources for each counter argument. In-text citations should be included per APA format. The following link will assist you with APA format. https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/
Your Argument: Include at least three points supporting your position. Provide at least three sources per supporting point.
Conclusion: This section summarizes argument and counter argument. Restate the problem and thesis statement. Provide suggestions for the future based on your argument, but do not introduce new information.
Reference List: All sources cited in the paper must be included in the reference list and vice versa. This should be in alphabetical order by last name of the author and in APA format.
Paper Grading Rubric
Final Paper
Paper Draft
Organization: Paper is logically organized, flows well and follows the outline
25 pts
10 pts
Mechanics: Paper is written with proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.
25 pts
15 pts
Content: The topic is thoroughly explored, counter arguments and argument are discussed in depth
25 pts
15 pts
APA format: Paper is well-documented per APA format, in-text citations and reference list are per APA format
25 pts
10 pts

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