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700 word memo | English homework help

Read the case below and complete the instructions that follow.


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700 word memo | English homework help
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You are a marketing specialist at a media company. Over the past few years, you have been researching how TV viewers use mobile phones and other devices while watching TV. You have found that viewers increasingly expect to engage via mobile devices with TV shows and their audiences while watching TV.

About one month ago, you and your colleagues gave a presentation to executives at your company regarding some of your survey results. The executive team members were generally impressed with the information, but they also seemed skeptical that your company needed to make any major changes. These executives made various statements referring to using mobile devices while watching TV as “largely a fad” or simply “no monetizing.” (ROI) They also expressed concern about making major changes to cater to the youngest viewers (under 25 years old), who they feel are not their most important demographic. However, they were impressed with your presentation enough that they wanted you to dig deeper into the data and come up with some recommendations.

After a month of deeper analysis of your data, you have found even stronger evidence that viewers under 40 use their mobile devices frequently while watching TV. You thought these data helped bolster your argument that younger TV viewers expect an interactive experience while watching TV programs—using mobile devices to interact with TV hosts, actors, and other viewers; to participate in contests and games; and to interact in other creative ways with the programming. With more and more TV viewers recording shows and watching commercial-free later, you thought that adopting an interactive approach to many programs could counteract this trend and get viewers excited about watching programs live. In fact, you think there is currently a great opportunity to develop a new business model that embraces interactive programming.

Now, you will plan the initial steps in creating a follow-up communication to the senior vice presidents in which your objectives are torecommend the company aggressively pursue programming with an interactive component and to suggest pilot-testing interactive features for three shows that are most popular with your 31-40 year old demographic. You know most of these executives are skeptical of major changes to the current business model, but you also expect them to listen objectively to your views.

Note: Scenario reprinted with permission from McGraw-Hill.


Write a memo of no more than 700 words (precise & concise) to your supervisor about how you will design a communication for the executive teamsuggesting the company pursue programming with an interactive component and engage in pilot-testing interactive features for three shows that are most popular with the 31- to 40-year-old demographic.

Note: You will not actually create the communicationin this assignment, but will begin the planning process and share with your supervisor how you will approach the communication.

Address the following in your memo:

Start with an intro/purpose of memo. 

• Determine what main form of communicationyou will use to communicate your suggestion. Communication forms could include: face to face, email, letter, teleconference, presentation,or any other method you determine is appropriate.• Explain why the form of communication you selected is appropriate based on context, message, and purpose.• Explain how you will establish and build credibility as a communicator.  (must use outside reference here) • In CONCLUSION – short review of what you addressed – and most important concept presented. Recommend an action plan. 

Use badsic business memo format (but must cite/reference a credible/published source) 

Must use headings, bullets for each main topic

Need to use a version of the above BOLDED words in headings 

This is not just a student opinion paper  – But, based on credible/published source(s).  

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