3 questions

Please use this book to answer the following questions- Lester, J. D., & Lester, J. D., JR. (2015). Writing research papers: A complete guide (15th ed.). New York: Pearson Education, Inc.

Question 1 from Chapter 1:

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3 questions
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Identify two (2) insights you gained about writing from research after reading chapter 1 in Lester and Lester.  Discuss the value of preparing a paper that analyzes and draws conclusions from the research of others, and how such an assignment could be beneficial to your professionally?

Questions 2 and 3 from Chapter 2:

After reading chapter 2 in Lester and Lester:

2: Discuss two strategies you will use to identify and refine your topic for the controversial issue research paper due in Week 7

3: Brainstorm possible controversial issues you may want to research

You can choose any subject for 2 and 3. Due by tonight! Tuesday!

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